OBM Products

PRIMARY EMULSIFIER multi-purpose emulsifier is a liquid blend of selected emulsifiers, wetting agents, gelling agents and fluid stabilizers in oil base. Provides excellent emulsion stability, secondary wetting, viscosity, filtration control and temperature.

Secondary Emulsifier is Multi -functional additive serves as secondary emulsifier, wetting agent and filtration control agent in oil mud systems.

Oil wetting agent for improving oil wetting of solids & emulsion stability. Helps reduce inter-particle forces when formulating very high-density oil-based fluids.

Rheological modifier to increase LSRV, yield point, gel strength & carrying capacity in large-diameter high-angle, horizontal and extended-reach wells. Improved shear thinning,thixotropic characteristics without using additional clay-base additive and reduce fluid loss in oil base mud.

Oil mud thinner for reducing the viscosity & gel strength inoil base mud caused by high content of colloidal solids, without the need for charging the oil/water ratio. Easy to mix fast acting liquid thinner.

Gilsonite is used to control API and HTHP fluid loss in oil base drilling fluids. Provides filtration control, seal low-pressure and depleted formations, also improves overall emulsion stability, thermal stability and suspension characteristics of oil base mud.

Organophilic Clay is a highly effective rheological additive for oil and synthetic based fluid systems, especially at elevated temperatures. It is Impart viscosity and suspension properties to oil base drilling fluids, for improving cutting-carrying capacity and to provide long-term suspension of weighting agents.

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