Lost Circulation Materials (LCM) & Bridging Agent

Mica Flakes are effectively used in water-based oil well drilling operations as a mud additive chemical to prevent loss of circulation and seepage in loose formations. Available in three Grades – Fine, Medium & Coarse.


: Wallnut Shellis an effective lost circulation material, helps to reduce the occurance of lost circulation and remove sticky clays from the bottom hole assembly, is used for regaining lost circulation.

Blended LCM is mixture of Flakes, Granules & Fibrous it normally used to control and eliminate of loss circulation due to fractures, highly permeable zones, and broken unconsolidated formation.is quite effective than other loss circulation products in sealing loss zones.

 Fibro Seal is aPlugging agent used to bridge and seal permeable formations, reduce the possibility of stuck pipe, controlling lost circulation and providing filtration control.  It is compatible with all type of mud systems. Available in Fine, Medium and Coarse grades.


Calcium Carbonate Flakes effective in controlling circulation and seepage losses in a variety of drilling fluids its available in Fine/Medium/Coarse grades is suitable in fresh water, salt water-based fluid and oil and synthetic based invert fluids.

Diatomaceous earth blend for preparing soft plugs for severe lost circulation and its highly effective, high-fluid-loss lost circulation squeeze material. Creates a seal in the loss zone, effective in both water-based and oil-based mud applications.

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