Fluid Loss Control Additives

Polyanionic cellulose-Low viscosity(PAC LV)technical grade is a Technical High-Grade Low Viscosity Poly Anionic Cellulose Polymer. It is combined filtration controller and minimal Viscosifier.It will perform well in all brine applications, especially saltwater‐base fluids.

Pure PAC LV is a high quality, high purity, low‐viscosity grade fluid‐loss‐control polymer. It is designed for situations where filtration control is needed with only minimal increases in rheology. It performs well in all brine applications, especially saltwater‐base fluids.

PAC R technical-grade is a regular tech-grade quality polyanionic-cellulose filtration-control additive. useful in controlling filtration and increasing rheology in all types of water but is particularly effective in saltwater brines.

Pure PAC R is purified regular polyanionic-cellulose filtration-control additive controls fluid loss in freshwater, seawater, potassium chloride, and salt muds. Effective in low concentrations for controlling fluid loss and building viscosity.

 Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Low viscosity (CMC LV)is a technical grade Low viscosity, Fluid loss additive used in fresh water & sea water muds. It is used in high viscosity, high solids or heavily weighted fluids & produces only slight increase in viscosity.

Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose high viscosity (CMC HV) is a technical grade high viscosity, Fluid loss additive used in fresh water & sea water muds. It is used in Low viscosity or low solids fluids & increase viscosity in addition to controlling fluid loss.

Drilling Starch API, It is a pre-gelatinized non fermenting, modified Starch used to provide filtration Control in all types of water based Drilling Fluid Systems. It is especially applicable and economical in saturatedsalt and brine systems where other products are not effective. This includes clear brines used for work over and completion operations.

Carboxy Methyl Starch is a Fluid loss controller in most water base drilling & drill-in fluids at high temperature environment, does not significantly increase viscosity. Can be used to encapsulate drill cuttings & exposed wellbore formations to reduce particle dispersion & reactive clay/shale formation swelling. Ithas higher operational temperature limits and does not require a biocide to prevent fermentation.

Resinated Lignite is High Temperature Fluid loss control & Rheology Modifier for all water-based fluids.Replace basic filtration polymers that lose their ability to control HTHP filtration rates at elevated bottom hole temperatures.

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