Dispersant & Deflocculants

Chrome Free Lignosulfonate environmentally acceptable deflocculant and fluid loss additiveand gel strength reducer in all types of water‐base systems. Exhibits superior deflocculating ability, even in the presence of contaminants and elevated temperatures.

Ferro Chrome Lignosulfonate is widely used as a multi-purpose deflocculant and gel-strength reducer, temperature stabilizer and filtration-control additive for use in all water-base systemswith obvious ability to resist high temperature and salty solution.

Resinated Lignite is most effective in both API and HTHP filtration control additive provides rheological stability over a wide range of temperatures, suitable for use in freshwater, seawater & brackish water.

Causticized Lignite Controls rheology and filtration control in water base muds and for helping maintain a constant pH for higher temperature muds, emulsifies oil, reduces flocculation and stabilizes water-base drilling fluids.

Chrome Lignite is a high temperature thinner/dispersant composed of chromium salt of modified lignite which contains Humic acid.It is a highly temperature stable chrome lignite thinner and fluids loss reducer for water-based mud used in drilling deep wells.

Potassium Lignosulfonate is highly effective thinner and a fluid loss reducer which effectively reduces viscosity and gel strength of fresh and sea water mud systems.

Potassium Lignite is especially used in inhibitive muds which utilize potassium and other compounds to inhibit clay activity in the drilling and in the formations penetrated. Its also used for rheology and filtration control and as a source of potassium in all water –base muds.

Organophilic lignite (amine treated lignite) is a High temperature filtration control agent designed for use in all oil‐base systems, as well as synthetic‐base systems. It is an effective alternative to Asphalt or Gilsonite where their use is undesirable, and is compatible with other additives.

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