Corrosion Inhibitors, Scavengers & Biocide

Amine type Biocideis a quaternary Ammonium compound bactericide Prevent bacterial degradation of drilling mud. Effective in control of the growth of mixed bacteria in both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (including sulphate reducers) in oil field waters ranging from fresh water to moderately saline solutions.

Biocide Aldehyde Type is a highly effective potent blend of Aldehyde bases which are effective in the on shore / off shore application. highly effective micro biocide for control of both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria in fresh water, sea water or brines.

Biocide Triazine based, its prevent bacterial growth in water base muds and low-salinity clear brine fluids. Effective H2S scavenger.

Oxygen Scavenger is an Ammonium Bi-Sulphite (Oxygen Scavenger) solution which is used for removal of dissolved oxygen in the water phase. The product is applicable in all types off water-based mud systems and workover, completion and packer fluids where it eliminates the oxygen and minimizes corrosion rate.

 iT is organic triazine based H2S Scavengerit is brine soluble and remains soluble after reacting with H2S.H2S Scavenger Provides solid free H2S scrubbing for brine-based drilling fluid in neutral-high pH conditions.

Corrosion Inhibitor is soluble in fresh water and brines but it is advised that prior to use its solubility in the brine, to be used is tested to ensure the product is compatible. Corrosion Inhibitor components are effective against H2S, O2, and CO2. Corrosion Inhibitor is a designed for use in drilling and completion fluids, packer fluids and hydrostatic testing situations.

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